Every party has its own individual approach. If you have a specific theme you would like your party to have, please talk to us about it.

You can also just find inspiration with any of the parties we have come up with and tailor it specifically to your wishes and in accordance to the child's age.

Please find below some suggestions for parties for ages 4-7:

Knights and Dragon Party

Knights, dragons, princesses... a great party theme for all boys and girls!

Creativity Party

Here it's all about being creative. The kids decide what they want to create and work on. The party's finale is an art show for all parents in which the children present their masterpieces!

Kids just wanna have fun

A party all about the classical birthday games, some of which today's kids may not even know anymore: Pot-hitting, egg-run, competitive chocolate-eating, musical chairs...


You'll want to be a young again yourself!

Tinkerbells Big Fairy Party

Tinkerbell and the birthday child invite all to a truly BIG fairy festival! If that does not make for an adventurous birthday celebration, we don't know what does.

Pirate Party

Pirates are on the loose! The birthday child invites you to a real pirate party. Will they find the treasure in time?

Anna and Elsa Party

The birthday child and both princesses welcome their guests to a very special, snowy celebration.

Zoo Party

Animal house: the party kids transform into animals and experience a truly primal zoo party!

Car Party

Cars, Cars, Cars.....Is that a noticeable theme in your child's playtime at home? Invite your guests to a birthday pitstop and celebrate a crazy fuel-filled car party.

Alice's Tea Party

Welcome to the universe of Alice in Wonderland!

Alice and the birthday child invite their guests to a mad magical tea party.

Barbie Party

Celebrate an afternoon filled with glitter, dressing up and playing. Pretty much everything Barbie likes to do!

Witch Party

Do you happen to have a little witch or a young magician living in your home? Celebrate your day with witches and magicians. Let us use the broom and leave yours at home!

Superhero Party

Does your child love acting and have a special superhero they like? Everything in this party is about your child's favorite comic book character or superhero!


Princess Party

Your birthday child shall await a wonderful princess party. Does she have a favorite princess? No problem, she will be welcomed at a beautifully decorated board by the princess and accompanied through the party. If there are boys present at the event, they will be transformed into heroic knights or a noble prince. What would princess's be without their knights?

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