Every party has its own individual approach. If you have a specific theme you would like your party to have, please talk to us about it.

You can also just find inspiration with any of the parties we have come up with and tailor it specifically to your wishes and in in accordance to the child's age.

Please find below some suggestions for parties for ages 8-12:

The Crazy Experiment Party

During this birthday party we will conduct a number of fun and thrilling experiments where the kids are the scientists!

I believe in unicorns - The ultimate girls party

Does your birthday girl love unicorns? Then this is the perfect theme for her party! On various stations we will have crafts, face painting, picture taking and everything has just one theme: "I believe in unicorns"!


Welcome to the world of Hogwarts! All kids turn into magical students and travel through the world of Harry, Hermione and their friends!

Wild West Party

The wild, wild west.....We transform the party guests into Cowboys and Indians and celebrate a wild west party!

Kids Beauty Party

The birthday kid invites you to a wonderful beauty party. The kids come up with their own skin masks, paint their nails and can create their own special lip gloss. 

Monster Party

You can play with monsters even though it is not Halloween. The party guests turn into monster, witches, ghosts and vampires and celebrate a scary special party!

Kids Party

A disco ball, music, styling corner, photo booth, popcorn and cotton candy!

Dancing and having fun are at the center of this party!

Creativity Party

It's all about being creative! The guests craft, paint and design. The party ends in a big art show where the young artists present their work to their parents!

Secret Agent Party

Is your birthday child a little detective? The guests have to solve riddles and become part of a super secret agent society. A thrilling birthday that asks for creativity and problem solving skills.

Topmodel Party

The birthday guests use their personal style to organize their own fashion show. We help them design their own T-Shirts. Afterwards, the guests will be styled and prepare choreography for the catwalk. The final presentation takes place in front of an audience of adoring fans (the parents) to round up this glamorous event.

Style & Shoot Party

Styling, make-up, photo shoots....sound like a lot of fun? Invite your friends, bring your coolest outfit and let's start!

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