Every party has its own individual approach. If you have a specific theme you would like your party to have, please talk to us about it.

You can also just find inspiration with any of the parties we have come up with and tailor it specifically to your wishes and in accordance to the child's age.

As we organise each party individually for each child and invest a lot of thoughts and passion, we would like to ask you to book your party approx. 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

Of course we can try to arrange your child's party short notice as well. Please talk to us and we can find out together what is possible in the time given.

0-3 years

Baby showers, that special first birthday, or birthday parties with the first friends. Birthdays in this age group are always exciting!

4-7 years

Princesses, knights, fairies, Superheroes... small children have their first heroes and love to dress up. How about a themed party? Or we can play all the classical birthday games like musical chairs? Here you can find our party suggestions!

8-12 years

Secret agents, topmodels, an artistic party,  or a beauty party...

Partylicious is here to please!

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