Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we offer a sweet Kita program for the different age groups. Here you can find our suggestions. The program starts at 9.30am- 11.30am.

Theme Day

The children can discover one of the following worlds: Knights and Princesses or Indians and Cowboys.

They will dress up and learn how life was being a princess or Indian.

Price per child 5€.

Welcome to the book fairy

The book fairy is inviting you to join her for have a wonderful morning. She is reading a short story and then leading the children in a related art project or activity.

Price per child 5€.

Creativity mice

Here all the kids can become little artists. They have a variety of material to choose from.

Price per child 5€.

Cookie Factory

Here kids can decorate their own cookies. While their tasty creations are in the oven, they can create their own cooking hats.

Price per child 5€.

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