Summer Camp 2018

Welcome to "Camplicious"


You can book our program for a whole week or for single days. We have 5 daycare seats per day to offer. Camp hours are from 8.45am- 3.30pm!



                             You can book the following weeks:

WEEK 1: July 9th- 13th 2018

WEEK 2August 13th- 17th 2018

WEEK 3: August 20th- 24th 2018

(holidays for Int. schools) 

                             Our camp program includes:

- Our Camplicious team is hosting the program

- Drinks, fruits and snacks throughout the day as well as lunch

- All materials that are used at camp

Program Summercamp 2018 (Changes may occur):

We start the day with having breakfast together (your child should bring a snackbox with breakfast). The day starts after we have discussed the plan of the day. At 12.30pm lunch is served.

Every day we offer a different theme that is fun and exciting!


Plan of the week


Creativity Day:

We paint, craft, design. The children have a variety of materials, so everyone is going home with great art pieces.


Beauty Day/ Pyjama Day:

"Do it yourself", is today's theme! 

We produce bathbombs, lipgloss, facemasks... and of course we try them all out! If you like, you can bring your pyjamas, so it gets really cosy!

During the day we will also design little cosmetic bags and paint face charts. A cool and fun girls day, age appropriated of course!



Movie Day:

Today everything is about movies. How is a movie produced? What do you need to make a movie? We play fun games, create our own "Walk of fame" star and watch a cool movie with popcorn and cotton candy!


Photoshooting Day: 

Today we are organising a photoshoot! in the morning everyone is designing their own cool t-shirt, which can be combined with personal clothing. Fotosets are build up, you can get styled at the beauty counter and outfits are created. You can take pictures yourself and the Camplicious team is also taking cool pictures. You will get your best ones sent to your home via email.


Let's Move it- Dance Day:

Our dance coach is teaching different moves and a choreography to the favourite songs of the camp group. 



                                                                    Price per week: 295,00€

Single days:      75,00€